Build music with bricks

BeatBlocks is a new app for iOS that enables you to build music in real-time with traditional children's building blocks.

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How does it work?

No gadgets, no gizmos, no fancy electronics. Just your iOS device and some bricks.
Beatblocks uses your iOS device's camera and its custom AI to scan for different bricks.
When it sees a brick it plays a sound. Bricks mean beats and notes. Colours mean sounds.

How to play

Set your phone up with a clear view of a flat surface or a building base plate. You can use a stand or build one out of bricks. Choose a sound pack. Press play and start building your beat. The more you loop, the more credits you earn. Use credits to get more sounds, samples and special effects.
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The beat moves from left to right. The app plays the sounds of each brick in sequence. The colour of a brick defines the instrument. Lead sounds, bass sounds, drums and percussion. 

For lead and bass the notes go from low at the bottom of screen to high at the top. Don't worry about knowing your C from your F#, the app uses tuned sound packs so all your bricks will work together and you can concentrate on building the music. 

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Use your own bricks

No need for special bricks or custom packs. Beatblocks works with traditional toy bricks. It can recognise 2x2 or 4x2 bricks in red, yellow, orange, blue, green and pink.

Build a Phone Stand

You can play with your phone in your hand, or in any type of stand. Why not try the simple brick design below to get started, or have a go at creating your own.

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